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The School of Civil Engineering of Tianjin University was founded in September, 1997, including three former renowned departments of the University, namely Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Water Resources and Harbor Engineering, and Department of Naval and Ocean Engineering. The School offers four Bachelor degree programs, including civil engineering program (construction engineering, bridge engineering, underground engineering), hydraulic and hydro-power engineering program, harbor, coastal and offshore engineering program, naval and ocean engineering program (ocean engineering, marine engineering, international shipping management); second-undergraduate-degree project management program, project cost management program (junior college). The fields of Master of Engineering Program include: building and civil engineering program, hydraulic engineering program, naval and ocean engineering program. Every year the School admits 11 undergraduate classes of over 330 students, over 30 second-undergraduate-degree students, over 50 junior college students, over 240 master students and over 50 PhD students, in which there are totally over 2500 students. Meanwhile, the School also undertakes the education assignment of over 400 students of Master of Engineering and part-time postgraduate students.

The program of civil engineering was founded as early as the University was at the beginning of 1895. The program has a long history and strong academic heritage. The program has passed the undergraduate education assessment of the Ministry of Construction with excellence in 1995, 2000 and 2005, respectively. In 1997, the program passed the assessment of the British JBM Group with an international professional standard, which can be recognized by the British and other European countries. Tianjin ...

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